Lily Cole: A Vogue Icon

Lily Cole, the iconic British model and actress, has made headlines once again as she graces the cover of Vogue’s latest issue. Known for her ethereal beauty and unique style, Cole continues to captivate audiences with her striking presence. In this exclusive feature, we delve into her journey from the runway to the big screen, and how she continues to redefine beauty standards in the fashion industry. Get ready to be inspired by Lily Cole’s timeless elegance and fearless individuality as she takes center stage in Vogue.

  • Lily Cole has been featured on the cover of Vogue magazine.
  • She is known for her successful modeling career and unique look.
  • Lily Cole has also ventured into acting and advocacy work.

What is Lily Cole doing now?

Lily Cole has taken on multiple roles since her modeling career. She is now the founder of, an innovation group and incubator, where she works on driving positive social and environmental change. In addition, Cole is also a part-owner of a London bookshop and an advisor to Wikitribune, showing her diverse interests and involvement in both the business and media worlds. Her current endeavors reflect her commitment to making a difference in various fields and her passion for supporting innovative projects.

From founding an innovation group to advising a media platform, Lily Cole is actively engaged in diverse pursuits. As the founder of, she leads a team dedicated to driving positive social and environmental change through innovation and incubation. Additionally, as a part-owner of a London bookshop and an advisor to Wikitribune, Cole’s involvement in both business and media demonstrates her multifaceted approach to making an impact. Cole’s current activities highlight her passion for driving positive change and her commitment to supporting innovative initiatives.

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Is Lily Cole a mother?

Yes, Lily Cole does have one child. Lily and her partner, Kwame Ferreira, welcomed their daughter, Wylde Cole Ferreira, in 2015. As of August 2021, Wylde is 5 years old. Despite being private about their personal lives, the couple has not disclosed any plans for further expanding their family.

Is Lily Cole still married?

Yes, Lily Cole is still married. She tied the knot with businessman Kwame Ferreira in 2013 and they are still happily married to this day. The couple has kept their personal life relatively private, but they have been spotted together at various events and have shared glimpses of their life together on social media. Despite her busy schedule as a model and entrepreneur, Lily Cole continues to prioritize her marriage and maintain a strong and loving relationship with her husband.

Lily Cole’s marital status is still happily married to businessman Kwame Ferreira. The couple has been together since 2013 and continue to support each other in their respective careers. Despite the public’s curiosity about her personal life, Lily Cole has maintained a sense of privacy while still sharing glimpses of her married life with her husband on social media. Their relationship serves as a testament to their commitment and love for each other.

The Evolution of Lily Cole’s Vogue Style

Lily Cole’s Vogue style has undergone a remarkable evolution over the years, reflecting her growth as a model and fashion icon. From her early days as a fresh-faced ingenue, to her current status as a seasoned and versatile model, Cole has consistently pushed the boundaries of fashion and style. Her evolution can be seen in the way she effortlessly transitions from edgy and avant-garde looks to elegant and timeless ensembles, showcasing her ability to adapt and reinvent herself with each new editorial spread.

As Cole’s Vogue style continues to evolve, it is evident that she has established herself as a trendsetter in the fashion industry. Her ability to seamlessly blend high fashion with her own unique flair has solidified her status as a style icon. With each new photoshoot, Cole continues to captivate audiences with her daring and innovative fashion choices, proving that her evolution is far from over. As she continues to push the boundaries of fashion, it is clear that Lily Cole’s Vogue style will remain a source of inspiration for years to come.

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Unveiling Lily Cole’s Fashion Legacy

Lily Cole’s Fashion Legacy is a testament to her unique and timeless style. As a renowned model and advocate for sustainable fashion, Cole has left a lasting impact on the industry. Her commitment to ethical and eco-friendly practices has paved the way for a more conscious approach to fashion, inspiring designers and consumers alike. From her iconic runway moments to her work as an entrepreneur and activist, Cole’s influence continues to shape the future of fashion, proving that style and sustainability go hand in hand.

Lily Cole: Redefining Vogue Elegance

Lily Cole, the iconic British model and actress, has been redefining elegance in the world of fashion. With her signature fiery red hair and striking features, Cole has captivated audiences and designers alike with her unique style and grace. Her presence on the runway and in editorial spreads has set a new standard for Vogue elegance, blending sophistication with a hint of allure.

Cole’s ability to effortlessly embody the essence of Vogue elegance has solidified her status as a fashion icon. Her boundary-pushing approach to style and beauty has inspired countless individuals to embrace their own unique characteristics and embrace their individuality. Whether she’s gracing the cover of Vogue or walking the red carpet, Cole exudes a timeless elegance that transcends trends and captivates audiences around the world.

In an industry often criticized for its lack of diversity, Cole’s presence has been a breath of fresh air. Her commitment to redefining Vogue elegance goes beyond her stunning looks, as she continues to use her platform to advocate for inclusivity and representation in the fashion world. As a role model for aspiring models and fashion enthusiasts, Cole’s impact on the industry is undeniable, and her influence on the definition of Vogue elegance is sure to endure for years to come.

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In conclusion, Lily Cole’s Vogue cover and feature have undoubtedly solidified her status as a fashion icon and a force to be reckoned with in the industry. Her unique beauty, intelligence, and commitment to sustainability make her a role model for aspiring models and activists alike. As she continues to break barriers and challenge norms, it’s clear that Lily Cole will remain a prominent figure in the fashion world for years to come.

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